So far the Season made its first mark on the last day of September with a buncha snow in the mountains. This edit has the most recent skiing we’ve done to date. I don’t know about you but my ski log is already reading 4 times on snow. Hopefully those of you on the east coast near enough to Stowe were able to take advantage of that snowfall. Anyways, shout to the mob of people who have been going out to ski. Might be some snow left this weekend so stay tuned for another edit.


So, I stumbled upon one of my VT homies movie release for this season. Probably some of the best cinematography that snowskating has ever seen. Shout out to Nick Stefani and all those Canadian snowskaters that I met at the Dude Ranch.

Check it out!

Update! trying to get up and online for the premier of the first Tape from Get Up Get Out Get Something.

Stay tuned

The Duration of the New Moving Mixtapes Film

“Get Up Get Out Get Something”

Check it soon!

dropping fall 09'

dropping fall 09'

Whats Good:

Alright, So this is the Moving Mixtapes blog site. I’m hoping it’ll be a more organized way to share our video’s. You can check out some of what we’ve already released on our Youtube page.

Whats Happenin’:

We’ll it’s been a long summer. In terms of Moving Mixtapes I’m watching the final cut of our 09′ release “Get Up Get Out Get Something” get compressed and exported out hopefully so you guys can watch it. Also, I, Matthew Milewski, moved to the North American skiing Mecca that is Utah. I now reside in the Pirate House located in Salt Lake City.  I’ll probably do a “Cribs” video so everyone can see how great it is living on a pirate ship. Here are a few short explanations for the past few weeks.

Shake Junts



Heath Bar


Hot Spring





And ya, whatever.

Tune in later!


Catch ya in a few.